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A results-driven approach to software development.

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Testing is paramount when validating assumptions for products in the market. We produce insightful, data-driven feedback and direction so startups understand their current and potential customer base.
Identify Opportunities
Define Unique Value Proposition
Create Innovative Solutions
Validate Assumptions
User Interviews
Market Research
Building from what we’ve learned—next step is to design and develop a pilot product. A product that’s not only intuitive, attractive and communicates a value proposition, but one that’s scalable.
UX/UI Design
Software Development
Product Launch
Go to market strategy
Developing up an idea and building a solution is the easy part. Keeping that momentum going is another story. We built products and teams designed for growth and endurance—giving your company the best return on investment.
Acquire Initial Customers
Increase Customer Acquisition
Optimize Operations
Recruit Talent
Raise Funds
We’re founders, operators and visionaries too

We love exploring subject matters in need of disruption.

Our team of founders, operators and visionaries has been methodically built up over the years for the soul purpose of providing a level of knowledge that reaches beyond the boundaries of each individual team members skill set.
Vault is headquartered in the Midwest and recently expanded into Los Angeles.
Chicago Location
Missouri Location
LA Location
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Knowing is half the battle.

Tidbits, events and musings from our team members.