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iCopy Case Study

Case Study: Developing an innovative technology for the legal record retrieval space.


Frustrated by their experience with other service providers, a group of Chicago-based attorneys came together almost a decade ago determined to create something better. iCopy has been committed since day one to a law firm-first service philosophy – “by attorneys for attorneys.”​ After mastering the intricacies of local legal processes and developing systems designed to shrink turnaround, it was time to take service to the next level.

After countless conversations with attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants alike their team came up with a solution. Nimbus is the combination of technology and service that answered the question “what do you wish your records retrieval partner could do?”​

The Challenge

The client had a bad experience with a previous development team that took their money but didn’t deliver a functioning product or meet deadlines. When we reviewed what had been done most of the code was unusable and the platform lacked coherent designs for the iCopy team to begin charging their clients. 

Our Solution

We wanted to find the most time and cost efficient way for the iCopy team to launch their product but set them up with the best long term solution. We worked with them in a discovery phase to learn about their business while figuring out what the core features are to release a go to market product.  The goal was to release a brochure site to attract clients, build an admin panel to manage their clients and a client portal that completes the important aspects of the record retrieval process. 

Services Provided

UX Design

When creating new designs for a platform that users need to navigate quickly, it’s important to create a simple but user-friendly interface. We gathered feedback from the client and designed a user interface based on how clients would use the platform on a daily basis. 


Since the platform called for a total rebuild, we worked with the client to develop the platform in a way that would be efficient and scalable. We used a laravel backend and a react frontend to create a modern, user-friendly single-page application.

For the client, one of the most important objectives of the app was to streamline the user-experience as much as possible, especially when inputting new case requests. From a design and development perspective, the challenge was to reduce the need for manual data entry, while at the same time giving users the flexibility to customize their requests as needed. From a data-management perspective, the challenge was to reduce cases of human error by checking for duplicate entries and incorrect or misspelled information.

One of the solutions we implemented was to save the information for previously-used request locations to a database, allowing users to search for their location in the database and if available, pre-fill the form data. If the necessary location does not exist, users can add a new location from the same form. All new location entries are verified on the backend to prevent duplicates, then the new entry is reviewed by a site admin, who checks it for accuracy before saving it to the database. With this solution, we were able to limit the amount of data-entry required, maintain a flexible user interface, and improve data accuracy, contributing to an overall positive experience for both the iCopy team and their clients.

Our Approach

Knowing that the iCopy team came to us after a bad relationship with their previous development team we wanted to help find a solution for where they were going. We weren’t familiar with the legal record retrieval space so we learned from the iCopy team and did our own research in order to offer the best solutions based on our technology experience. We helped look at what features would allow the business to bring in revenue while building features that would allow for users to continually use the platform. It’s important when we partner with each client to not only offer a technology solution to solve their problem but support the client in the other areas that can help them and the business. 

Working with VAULT was a great experience! The project was delivered on time and on budget.

— Bridget

The Results

The iCopy team was able to successfully release their product to begin using with paying customers. Within 3 months of launch the business has tripled it’s business and the growth is still ongoing. 

The product was completed with all core features fully functional, an updated user interface and a plan for long term product growth. The features that we’re implemented saves the end user time while helping ensure accuracy in the legal record retrieval process not found before. 

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