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Team Call Recap: October 9th

Every week at VAULT comes with a new set of accomplishments, challenges, and company announcements. Fridays are a time to come together as a team to talk about it all. 

Curious to know what was discussed this week? I can’t share all our secrets but keep reading for highlights from our week. 

Company Announcements: 

Our design team is growing! This week we welcomed a new designer that is sure to level up our rapidly growing team. Stay tuned for a formal introduction of our newest member. 

As our team continues to grow we are continuing the hiring process as we look for new developers and project managers to join us. We’re reviewing resumes and conducting interviews daily and are hopeful we’ll find the perfect fit(s) soon!

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On Wednesday we had our 6th monthly virtual lunch event where Stefanie had the chance to interview John Rood on his unique experience with founding, growing, and exiting his education technology company. He shared many useful tips that we’ll be recapping in a blog post soon. 

A fun fact about VAULT; many of our team members are major music lovers and even musicians! Many of our Friday calls have some type of discussion about instruments, music industry related news, and Spotify playlist recommendations. This week Terry talked about the loss of Eddie Van Halen and the impact he had on music technology. For those in the guitar and music industry, this was a sad and major loss. Tim shared the effect Van Halen had on him throughout his life and is even thinking about getting a tattoo in his honor. A lot of people don’t know the impact Van Halen had on the music industry in regards to technology (myself included). His amp designs, in many ways, changed the guitar and its sound. 

Several of our teammates are leveling up their skills through masterclasses and online courses in order to better support our current and future clients. Dan is currently taking a design masterclass and Stefanie is working her way through a marketing course she’d been recommended. The continually learning in order to better the unique skillsets of each team member is something that VAULT encourages and supports to the fullest degree. 

Client Announcements: 

We had some exciting client announcements this week with the launch of the Wayward App being a big one. Launches are always an exciting time for both VAULT and our clients. It’s a time to celebrate all the hard work that goes into creating and building a product. If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out the app for yourself. 

We’re in the thick of the design process for a fitness client of ours as we also aim to help them position themselves in the best light during investor meetings. With a few tweaks to their pitch deck, we’ve been able to help them secure a nice chunk of funding in the first week. This is a big win for everyone. 

Our team is also putting the final touches on a medical technology client. This is something our team has been grinding out and finally have everything they need in order to launch the product. Our team has put in a lot of time and energy, going above and beyond in order to get this done on budget and on time. 

Pipeline Highlights: 

We have several prospects in the pipeline this week with several others starting their services in the upcoming weeks (hence the need for additional team resources!) It’s an exciting and BUSY time at VAULT right now. 

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