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Transforming property experiences


TFLiving is a full-service wellness amenity company providing services to a variety of residential and corporate locations across the United States.
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Building a better waitlist


NextME makes it simple for restaurants and event marketers to manage waitlists and queues to get more customers through the door.
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Competitive Gaming Tournaments


Compete in daily tournaments for cash and bragging rights on Xbox, Playstation, PC, and Switch.
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Have Fun. Be Rewarded. Get Healthier.

Wishbone Group

A rewards program designed specifically to foster positive experiences and to increase engagement between Payers and their Members.
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Streamlining the selling and purchasing of wholesale cannabis

Leaf Trade

the industry wholesale ordering platform between licensed cannabis vendors and dispensaries.
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Tools for today's leaders

Assessing in Action

Integrated suite of tools, workshops and curricula that prepare leaders, teams, and organizations for today’s challenges.