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Since 2012, we’ve helped dozens of companies launch and scale products.


Work with great people

The key to any successful business is the relationships of the people involved. Our seasoned team has years of combined experience launching products for early-stage startups. We’re constantly tinkering with new tools and techniques to generate new approaches and create innovation.

Believe in what we do

Growing a company takes a lot of time and energy and there’s a lot at stake. We help our clients drive innovation through functional prototyping, custom development, product design, and agile DevOps.

Produce high-quality products

Functionality is always at the heart of good software, but we also know that form and usability are key to making great software. Our team focuses on using our proven approach of identifying and delivering on digital opportunities to create the largest impact possible.

Control costs

VAULT offers the flexibility to scale your development teams as needed. Hiring, training and retaining top talent costs you valuable time and money – we save you both. We can quickly add bandwidth or additional expertise to a project, with talent that ramps up in days, not months.


Don’t just take our word for it

“The new site has attracted investors, partners, and customers. It has also allowed stakeholders to raise funding for the business. Vault Innovation has an effective project management style, complemented by their deadline-orientation.”

CTO and Co-Founder, Farming Technology

“Taking a design-focused approach, Vault delivered sophisticated final products that met both complex requirements and aggressive deadlines. The survey platform helped the client successfully redirect its value proposition towards a new business focus.”

Founder, Consulting Firm

“The beautiful UX is garnering positive feedback, and the intuitive, flexible CMS makes tweaks easy. Vault’s entrepreneurial savvy differentiates them from other design firms and enables them to deliver on business goals. They’re diligent, fast, and responsive and proactively incorporate suggestions.”

VP Consumer Marketing, The Chicago Tribune Media Group

“The site's user-friendly layout and creative design earned it widely positive reactions from users. Vault Innovation did their research, communicated frequently about progress, and showed their investment in the project's success. They excelled at translating visions into technical solutions.”

CEO, ClassCrasher


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